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What is Google Search Console?
Why Do I Need a Google Search Console Dashboard?
How to Set Up GSC Insights
Add a New Project

Google Search Console is a critical tool for understanding how your website performs in Google. While Google Analytics gives you information on your site’s multiple traffic sources and visitor activity, GSC details the specific keywords and search queries that drive traffic to your website.
Although Google Search Console data is the most accurate available for your search performance, the limited dashboard can leave site owners wondering how to best apply that information to improve their SEO Strategy. We created GSC Insights to fill that gap and help site owners understand their search engine performance with more accuracy and detail.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a Google platform where site owners can understand their keyword rankings, troubleshoot technical issues on their website, and submit sitemaps or disavow files. For any site owner who wants to improve their search appearances, Google Search Console provides the most accurate, real-time data available.

Why do I need a Google Search Console dashboard?

GSC Insights takes Google Search Console data and makes it better. Built over Google’s API, GSC Insights combines the same powerful metrics with data science.

The advanced data visualizations and features of GSC Insights bring more functionality and analysis with new ways to group and analyze data, including:

Keyword Position History
Page Groupings
Economic Value of Traffic
Google Rank Change
Traffic by Keyword Position
Site Events
And More!

To learn more about the multiple features of the GSC Insights platform, read our introduction to GSC Insights tutorial.

How do I set up GSC Insights?

Setting up the GSC Insights dashboard is easy as long as you already have access to your Google Search Console Account. Log in to LinkGraph (sign up here) and navigate to “GSC Insights”. You’ll automatically be prompted to authorize your Google account.

Click “Authorize Connection.” You’ll be directed to the Google Account sign-in page.
Choose the Google account for the property.
If you have two-factor authentication setup for your Google Search Console Account, enter your password and/or a secondary passcode.

Once you’ve authorized the account connection, your data will populate in LinkGraph automatically. Please give us a few minutes to load in all your data.

Now, you’re ready to see your GSC data in a whole new light.

Add a New Project

If you have an advanced, enterprise, or agency plan, you can track multiple websites in your GSC Insights dashboard.

To add an additional project, select the GSC Project tab at the top of your dashboard.

A dropdown menu will appear. Click. “+Link New Account” and you will be directed to a page to verify the Google Search Console account for your new project.

Repeat the process for as many domains you’d like to add to the tool.

The number of domains you can track in GSC Insights will be limited by your subscription level. If you’d like to manage more sites, upgrade to one of our advanced plans!
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